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Halloween Masquerade Dance

As all may know I am involved with the Valley Winds Music Association. I would like to invite you join me at this year’s fundraiser for this fantastic group.

Join the Valley Winds Big Band and the Midnight Blue Jazz Band on Saturday November 1st for some fun in the Mountain Lady’s Haunted Greenhouse.

Dress up, get into the Halloween Spirit and float around the room to the sounds of the Band.

Tickets are $40 and include one drink, wine or beer.

Available online at or call Bob at 403-678-1069


Halloween Poster


20 Years of Valley Winds Music Association


Elevation Place Opens in 2013, Traffic Woes Anticipated

The long awaited Elevation Place will open in Canmore in 2013. The municipal complex, which cost $39 million, will offer an aquatic center, fitness rooms, climbing gym, meeting space and a library. Since the center may only be accessed by Railway Avenue, it will also bring an increase in traffic.

As of yet there are no traffic signals at said corner, which means longer waits for those wanting to turn left into the complex. It is expected that the traffic lights at Railway and Main Street, and Railway at the Bow Valley Trail will help somewhat.

The Town of Canmore decided against putting new lights at the center entrance. They were considered, but it was thought another set of lights would make things even more complicated because of the nearness of the other two lighted intersections. Andy Esarte, manager of that city’s engineering services, noted that a pedestrian crossing, signal controlled, some 75 meters southwest of Elevation Place would give pedestrians a safe access route.

Esarte did note that cars turning left into Elevation Place would not have an easy time of it, and that solutions would be looked at in the future. That future may come sooner than expected, since the city has already heard complaints from an Esso Station across from Elevation Place. No doubt other businesses will chime in about the difficulty faced by drivers as they try to enter the complex.


Canmore Tourism Group Overcomes Deficit in 2012, Looking Ahead to 2013

The tourism industry in Canmore is seeing a healthy uptick, as reported by the Canmore Business and Tourism organization in a meeting this past Tuesday. Andrew Nickerson, CEO and president of the group noted that the reorganization of the board and its responsibilities has helped turn things around. More leadership has been shown and a new auditing agency has been hired. Basically the workings of the CB&T are being looked at with fresh eyes.

A deficit in the funding side was found from last year, putting the agency in the red. Apparently the prior auditing agency had missed something, pronouncing the organization fiscally sound and in the black each year. After some reorganization, the CB&T is now officially back in the black overcoming a deficit of $162,000 and turning it into an asset of $83,000 in net funds.

Plans are afoot to keep marketing Canmore as the destination of choice in Alberta for both foreign and domestic tourists, even those in nearby locales. Advertizing will gradually increase as the budget likewise increases. Ways to improve and grow the Destination Marketing Fund are in the works. One of those is a proposed three percent tax on accommodation and tourist activities, beginning in 2013. This tax would be paid by the consumer and not affect the bottom lines of local businesses. CB&T estimates this tax will bring in over $1.5 million by the end of 2013. Council will be taking a look at the proposal during the fall session.


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