Grizzly Bear Chases Dog on Canmore Trail

Canmore is grizzly bear country. If you happened to forget that fact, the bears are there to remind you. An off leash dog was chased by a bear on one of the town’s nearby trails and it’s the second time bears have been in the news in recent weeks. That prompted Conservation officers to issue warnings for the area around the residential development of Peaks of Grassi and several local trails.

Among the trails on the list are Riders of Rohan, Highline and the trail that skirts the power lines overlooking Quarry Lake.

The latest incident happened this past Monday at roughly 7:30 in the evening. What is believed to be a grizzly chased a dog that was with a mountain biker for about 100 meters. Neither man nor dog was injured.

Glenn Naylor, with Alberta Parks noted that dogs must be kept on a leash when in an area that is prime bear habitat. Naylor noted that this bear learned that dogs are threatening and can and/or should be chased. Chances are that bear will do the same with another dog.

When out in bear country it is best to travel in a group, make lots of noise and carry bear spray. Dogs must be on a leash and under control. The bear warning will be in effect indefinitely. Just three weeks prior a female grizzly and her three cubs were relocated to northern Alberta. They were too acclimatized to humans and could not be discouraged from visiting Canmore neighbourhoods.


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