Monthly Market Synopsis from Bob Aishford – March

Wow!! Look at the total number of sales this past month – February, to the same month last year. February 2013 we had 40 units sell, last year we had 23.

Now let’s look at the single family stats. We can see quite a difference from last month (January) and also from February a year ago. The median sale price from last month is up by over $200,000 and the number of sales has more than doubled. Then same applies when we compare February 2013 to the same month a year ago. Also the days on the market have dropped by 25%. These are all indications that sellers are pricing their homes in line with market values and also buyers are ready to purchase.

We also see very good activity in the non-single family sector of our market. The number of sales has almost doubled, days on the market have dropped to 14, and sale prices are in line with a year ago. There appears to be stability in this market, and as the inventory drops I would expect sellers to gradually be able to increase their asking prices.

The late winter months and spring have always been excellent months to market your home for sale. With realistic expectations and a true desire to sell, now is the time.

















Monthly Canmore Market Synopsis – February

Although single family sale prices are slightly down from last month, we do see the number of days on the market have decreased significantly and the number of units sold have increased. Compared to a year ago, sale prices are also up.

With the non-single family homes, we see quite a drop in the median sale price. The days on the market as well as the number of units sold are also down slightly. It will be interesting to watch this market going forward to see if this trend continues.

This is a good time for both buyers and sellers to enter the market as it appears we are about as balanced as can be expected.


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Tips for Buying or Selling a Home in a Transitional Real Estate Market

1) You should know whether it’s going from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market or the reverse. Being aware of this helps you to position yourself and sell yourself appropriately. For example, if you are a buyer and real estate is transitioning to a buyer’s market, you can point out to the seller that he’s going to have a harder time selling in two months and therefore should make the sale to you at a good price. Likewise, if you realize that it’s a transitional real estate market that will soon be in your favor, you might make the decision to hold off on the transaction all together.

2) Understand ‘fair market value’. When you are buying or selling a home during a buyer’s market or seller’s market, the value of the home is based significantly on the supply and demand issue. When you are buying or selling a home in the transitional real estate market, the home’s sale price will be based more closely on the fair market value of the home. You should learn this concept inside and out and work with appraisers in your area to determine the FMV of the home you’re buying or selling.

3) Be aware that terms are more solid in a transitional real estate market. There’s going to be less negotiating during this time so you shouldn’t make false offers on either end hoping to manipulate the other party. Be more direct in your dealings during a transitional period.

4) Work with a professional who understands the transitional market. You’ll want realtors (and lenders if you’re buying) who understand the transitional real estate market which means that you’ll need to look for people who have been in the industry for a long time.

It’s possible to get a good deal on either buying or selling a home during the transitional real estate market period. But to do that, you need to know what a good deal is and you need to be able to position yourself in the interaction based on that knowledge. Working with professionals who know the transitional real estate market is a good start to getting that good deal.”


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